December 2, 2011

Brief Hiatus

I've gotten behind on scheduling posts, so unfortunately I have to place this blog on hiatus for a week or two. :(  I should be back after finals are over next week.  I have a few things in the works that I hope I can get to after school wraps up.  For instance, I have a decent list of Hell on Wheels anachronisms from the last three episodes.  Also, I'm about half-way done with a post about the origins of the term "copperhead," which I looked into more after my post about the Hell on Wheels pilot (which is already my most viewed post ever, wow).  For the copperhead post I got a bunch of new material from the NewsBank archive, and a book  I ordered on interlibrary loan finally came in on Wednesday...

Other than that, I'm open to topic suggestions for when I get back!

In the meantime, have you seen this "advice animal" (History Major Heraldic Beast) on reddit??  <3

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