September 24, 2011

Cartoon: A Lesson About Personal Bias

This comes from the satirical magazine Puck, Volume 22, No. 508. on January 25, 1888.  This is available on google books here.  Click to enlarge.

One great reason why people are slow in learning the truth is found in the distorted medium through which they are accustomed to look.  The man who lives surrounded by the thick, foggy atmosphere of a political party can hardly be expected to see things as they appear when viewed in the clear ether from an independent standpoint.  When we seek impressions from the mirrors which our mentors, whether of the stage or of the press, hold up to nature, if the mirror be not an exact plane, we shall get queer and wrong ideas.  And it is not reasonable to expect correct judgements when the men whose interest is to show us things as they are not are ever holding up for us the concave or convex glass which show us things only as they wish them to appear.



1) This is the American Workingman as the Protectionists say he would be if it were not for the Tariff.
2) This is what they say the Tariff makes of him.
3) But We think the Tariff Reform Mirror does him justice.

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