November 26, 2014

Man Killed in Drunken Row, Pulaski, 1883


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[June 29, 1883] -

A man named Jim Flynn was killed by a pistol shot near Burnside last Sunday in a drunken row. It is not known who did the killing, but it is charged to Wash and Lee Hollars. [1]


[August 14, 1883] -

Lee Hollers and two sons were tried Saturday for killing Flynn and were discharged. [2]


[1] Excerpt from "Pulaski County." Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. June 29, 1883. Page 3. LOC.

[2] Excerpt from "Pulaski County." Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. August 14, 1883. Page 2. LOC.


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