November 19, 2014

Man Shoots Another Following Trivial Argument at Store, Pulaski, 1892



[September 21, 1892] -


A Prominent Citizen Waylaid on the Road and Shot To Death.

SOMERSET, Ky., Sept. 21.--Daniel Norflett, a prominent citizen of the western part of this county, was Tuesday evening assassinated by Milt M. Britton. Norflett early in the morning had a disagreement over some small matter. The quarrel was at Geses' store. Norflett started home, and when about a quarter of a mile from his home, Milt Britton came to the roadside, stopped Norflett, who was in a buggy, and told him he meant to kill him, drew his double-barreled shotgun and discharged one load. The shot entered Norflett's lungs and eye, shooting out his left eye. Charles Barnes, who was riding a short distance in the rear of Norflett, came up to him. He told Barnes that Britton had shot him. Norflett can not live. A posse is out hunting for Britton.

Norflett is one of the most prominent citizens of this county. His brother, Dr. Norflett, is prominent in the democratic party. The trouble between Norflett and Britton is over some trifle, and Norflett had no idea he was in danger until the fatal shot was fired. The entire county west of Fishing creek is indignant over the evening's cowardly attack. Norfletts are prominent, and if Britton is caught it is feared that there will be trouble. John A. Denham, he magistrate in the district, is attending the county court of claims at this place. A warrant was called for Tuesday evening and issued by Denham at this place. [1]


[September 23, 1892] -

Pulaski county and Somerset are getting up a deserved reputation as being the rottenest section in the State as to lawlessness.  The cowardly murderers there do not give their victims any show, but shoot them down in darkness and through the back.  The assassination of Editor Rucker is followed by that of Daniel Norfleet, who was waylaid and shot by Milt Britton.  He has been arrested and if the facts are as given, he ought to be hung without the usual formalities.  Tom Scott, a very degenerate son of a worthy sire, is also in jail for furnishing the gun to do the killing.  It would take all the hemp raised in Fayette county to hang all in Pulaski county who deserve to have their necks stretched. [2]


[September 27, 1892] -

We are glad to record that it was not Tom Scott, of Somerset, who was in jail for furnishing Brittain with the gun with which he assassinated Norfleet. [3]


[September 30, 1892] -

Murderer Britton Captured.

M. M. Britton, who so cowardly assassinated Daniel Norfleet, in Pulaski county, Kentucky, about two weeks ago, has been captured. He was captured Wednesday week by a posse and is now in the Pulaski county jail. The evidence against him is positive. There is much excitement and indignation is strong, so much so that there is great likelihoo[d] of a lynching. Tom Scott is also locked up for giving Britton the gun with which the deed was committed. [4]


[March 31, 1893] -

Circuit Court convened Monday and an unusually large crowd was present. A good many lawyers are in attendance and the docket is a heavy one. Britton, the man who waylaid and shot Dan Norfleet, was tried Tuesday, when he was given four years in the penitentiary. [5]


[April 4, 1893] -

M. M. Britton was sent to the penitentiary for four years for killing David Norfleet, in September of last year, and Yellow Hammer Ackles 21 years for the murder of John Taylor by the Somerset court. [6]


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