November 17, 2014

Two Men Killed at Fourth of July Celebration, Pulaski, 1893


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"A Country Tough Killed." The Courier Journal, Louisville, KY. July 5, 1893. Page 1.

[July 5, 1893] -



[July 7, 1893] -

John Bobbitt and John Harp Brinkey became involved in a quarrel at a 4th of July celebration near Dallas, Pulaski county, when Bobbitt, who is a large man, weighing over 250 pounds, shot young Brinkley in return shot Bobbitt five times in the stomach, causing almost instant death. Brinkley will also die. The cause of the trouble is not stated. [1]


"Could Not Find Eldridge." The Courier Journal, Louisville, KY. July 8, 1893. Page 1.


[July 8, 1893] -

John Hamp Brinkley, the cripple who shot and killed John Babbitt, the man who wounded him at Dallas on the Fourth, is dead. Robert Eldridge, a son-in-law of Babbitt, has been arrested, it being supposed that he also shot Brinkley. [2]


[] "Escaped From His Captors." The Courier Journal, Louisville, KY. August 23, 1893. Page 1.

[August 23, 1893] -


Rober Eldridge, a Cowardly Murder, Gets Away Near Mt. Vernon.

Somerset, Ky. Aug. 22. -- (Special.) -- Robert Elridge, who cowardly shot John Brinkly in the back and killed him last Fourth of July at a picnic, some ten miles east of this place was captured by John Graves, near Mount Vernon, Ky., several days ago, and while Graves and Sheriff Watson, of this county, were attempting to bring Eldridge to Somerset he made good his escape, at least this is the story told by the officers.

M. F. Brinkly, uncle of young Brinkly, the victim, has been trying to bring Eldridge to justice, but, so far, without success. G. A. Davidson, the best witness for the Commonwealth and who saw the shooting, has been threatened, and it is feared that friends of Eldridge will do him bodily harm. In case they do, there will be serious trouble. []


[August 25, 1893] -

Robert Eldridge, who shot John Brinkley in a most cowardly manner at the 4th of July picnic near Mt. Vernon, was captured by Sheriff Watson, of Pulaski, but escaped. The dead man was a cousin of M. F. Brinkley, the drummer, who is using every effort to bring Eldridge to justice. [3]


[October 7, 1893] -

Captured In Rockcastle County.

Somerset, Ky., Oct. 6. -- (Special.) -- Eldridge, who stands indicted for killing John Brinkley July 4 last about ten miles east of this place, was captured by Robert Cooper, in Rockcastle county, and brought to this place this morning. He was placed in the Pulaski county jail. the fight came up between Big John Bobbitt and Young Brinkley in which both were killed. [4]


[October 10, 1893] -

Robert Eldridge, who killed John Hamp Brinkley, July 4, has been captured and lodged in jail at Somerset. [5]


[October 5, 1894] -

Robert Eldridge, under sentence for five years for killing young Brinkley and awaiting the action of the court of appeals, broke jail at Somerset, after writing a note to the jailer that he was so sorry to depart so abruptly that he had almost as leif take a whipping. [6]


[November 9, 1897] -

Gov. Bradl[e]y pardoned Robert Eldridge, of Somerset, who has served three years of a five-year term for killing a man named Brinkley. The pardon was asked by two trial judges and the Commonwealth's attorney. [7]


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