December 29, 2014

Deputy Sheriff Kills Man During Arrest Attempt, Laurel, 1898


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[March 22, 1898] -

KILLED BY THE SHERIFF.--A message from John Pearl at Fariston Saturday said: Deputy Sheriff Woodson Hopkins shot and instantly killed J. F. Robinson while resisting arrest yesterday evening, near Lily. Robinson formerly lived in Rockcastle county and has been preaching at different points in the county occasionally, and recently has been employed in the mines at Lily. The warrant against Robinson charged him with kukluxing in Clay county several years ago. [1]


[March 25, 1898] -

Deputy Woods Hopkins shot and killed J. F. Robinson, who resisted arrest at Lily last Saturday. [2]


[March 26, 1898] -

In Laurel county, deputy sheriff Woods Hopkins shot and killed John Robinson. He had a writ for Robinson, but the cause of the killing is not known. [3]


[May 27, 1898] -

The Laurel grand jury failed to indict Deputy Sheriff Woodson Hopkins, who shot John Robinson to death near Fariston, when the latter resisted arrest. [4]


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