December 27, 2014

Harvey Mink Kills Miles Rogers, Rockcastle, 1881


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[October 7, 1881] -

Again the crash of the deadly pistol is heard in Rockcastle county. The smoke clears away, a man is seen prostrate on the ground, dead, a bullet-hole through his heart! Such is the sad and untimely ending of Miles Rogers, a young man of about eighteen years of age, killed by Harvey Mink, a young man of eighteen. From Mink's own story he and Rogers had always been good friends, but unfortunately they, with several others, met at Sam McCure's last Sunday, where the parents of all crime, whisky, is kept. They had some difference in the morning, but all was settled and though to be satisfactory. Late in the evening Mink, on his way home, met Rogers a few hundred yards from McCure's house; Rogers had his pistol in his hand, and on coming together, he presented it--placing it against Mink's body. Mink struck the weapon, knocking it from him, when it fired. Mink then fired three shots, the first going through Rogers' heart, the second through his right side, the other through his head. Rogers was very drunk, and Mink, too, perhaps; but there is no use to moralize. Mink came to town Monday and surrendered himself to the Sheriff. His examining trial is set for Wednesday. [1]


[January 16, 1883] -

After the trial of the Nunnelley case, the case of the Commonwealth vs. Harve Mink, Alex Mink and Madison Winsted was called and the trial begun. The defts are charged with the murder of Miles Rogers. The case was given to the jury without argument Friday evening. On Saturday morning they returned a verdict of not guilty as to Alex Mink and Winsted, and reported that they were unable to agree as to the other Mink. They were discharged. [2]


[1] Excerpt from "Mt. Vernon Department." The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. October 7, 1881. Page 2. LOC.

[2] Excerpt from "Mt. Vernon Department." Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. January 16, 1883. Page 3. LOC.


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