December 30, 2014

Man Killed For Small Sum of Money, Laurel, 1882


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[April 17, 1883] -

The sheriff of this county received a telegram from London to arrest James Broughton, S. F. Broughton and two other parties, charged with murder in that county. The two named were arrested Friday night and taken to London last Saturday. They were indicted at the present term of the Laurel Circuit Court for the murder of an old man named Wardroop, who was killed last October in a deep hollow in Laurel county, near where the Broughtons live. The proof seems to be positive against them, but they protest their innocence strenuously. [1]


[April 20, 1883] -

William Sowder, another one of the persons indicted by the Laurel grand jury for the murder of old man Wardroof, was arrested by the sheriff and taken to London yesterday. Judge Randall refused to allow the parties bail. [2]


[April 24, 1883] -

In speaking of the Broughton and Sowder, indicted in the Laurel Circuit Court in my last letter, I was wrong in saying "Judge Randall refused the parties bail," as no motion for bail had been made before him. I am requested to make this correction. The parties were being tried under a writ of habeas corpus last week. I have not learned the result of this investigation yet, but am confident from the information I have that they will be allowed bail in the reasonable sum. [3]


[May 1, 1883] -

James and S. F. Brongton and Galion Sowder have been released on $300 bail each. [4]


[June 15, 1883] -

Peter Broughton came to town yesterday and got on a big drunk and was trying to take the town. he fired his pistol off in the air, as the county attorney said, "just as good as fighting." Jailer Hank [sic] arrested him and placed him in jail to sober up, when he will be tried. [5]


[April 3, 1888] -

Pete Broughton was arrested at Jellico last week and lodged in jail here. He is charged with the killing of old man Wardroop, two miles south of Hazel Patch, in the fall of 1882. Wardroop was over 60 years old and was murdered for a small sum of money he was supposed to have had on his person at the time. His body was thrown over a cliff into a ravine, where it remained for several days before it was found. James Broughton and his two sons, Pete and Sant, were tried for the crime and were acquitted. Since then proof has come to light that warrants the arrest of Pete Broughton again. [6]


[December 27, 1889] -


His Remains Placed on the Railroad Track and Horribly Mutilated.

Special to THE JOURNAL.
JELLICO, TENN., December 26.--Peter Broughton, a well known young man, was murdered here last night and placed on the track and was run over by a freight train and horribly mutilated. The fact of his murder was not known until this morning when the evidence of the shots were discovered. Young Broughton was well connected. He leaves a young wife. [7]


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