December 28, 2014

Man Kills Another in Personal Argument on Election Day, Pulaski, 1884


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[August 5, 1884] -

MAN KILLED IN SOMERSET.--Mr. J. W. Alcorn who is just up from Somerset, tells us that a man named Lay killed another named Dalton on the public square there yesterday in a dispute over some house rent. Lay was arrested and was in the custody of an officer when Mr. A. left. [1]


[August 6, 1884] -

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. 6. -- The interest in the election for Judge for the Appellate Court in the Eastern Kentucky District is very great, but the remoteness of some of the counties makes it impossible to get the results at once. A majority is claimed by both parties. Forty counties are embraced in the district. No Republican has ever been elected to the Appellate Bench before. In Lexington may disgraceful scenes occurred and at least four men were killed. One murder is reported from Somerset and three from Moorehead, a village of 200 inhabitants. [2]


[August 8, 1884] -

At Somerset Jas. Lay, and one Dalton met at the election and renewed an old quarrel, and Lay shot and killed Dalton. Lay was arrested. [3]


[August 8, 1884] -

The local elections were so quietly conducted yesterday that only five men are reported killed in the entire State, though many precincts are not yet heard from. In Lexington Dan Murphy slaugted Jerry Cleary with a knife; Jim Geers blew Geo Stuart's brains out with a pistol. At Somerset James Lay shot and killed Bant. Dalton, while at Morehead there was a general fight, in which Adam Sizeman and Solomon Bradley were killed and several others wounded. Blood honors are "essy" between the two parties, and in some instances political differences did not cause the bloodshed. [4]


[October 21, 1884] -

Commonwealth's Attorney R. C. Warren tell us [t]hat he secured the conviction of Barnes charged with cutting Cris Turpin at Somerset and that the jury int he case of James Lay for the murder of Bant. Dalton, hung 11 for murder and one for manslaughter. Judge Owsley, however, ordered the case to be tried again to-day. [5]


[October 28, 1884] -

On the second trial of James Lay, at Somerset, for the unprovoked killing of old man Dalton, a Boyle and Whitley county jury agreed on a verdict of 15 years, when it was the general impression that he ought to hang. The first jury stood 11 for hanging and one for a penitentiary sentence. [6]


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