December 31, 2014

Shooting Affray at Catchings Hotel in London, Laurel, 1901


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Only the first article describes this one as a killing, while all others call it a "fatal wounding." A witness account states that Perdee will "probably recover." There is a findagrave entry for an Edd Perdee buried in Laurel County, b. 1876, d. 1935, but I do not know if that is the same man.


[May 19, 1901] -


London, May 18.--Ed Perdee, while drunk, was shot and killed by John Whitmore, porter at Catchings Hotel. [1]


[May 20, 1901] -

They Settled a Grudge.

London, Ky., May 20.--John Whitmore, an attache of the Catching hotel, shot and fatally wounded Ed Perdee, a marble cutter, in the office of the hotel. Settlement of an old grudge. [2]


[May 21, 1901] -

At London, Ky., John Whitmore fatally shot Ed Perdee. Old grudge. [3]


[May 23, 1901] -

John Whitmore, a white porter at the Catching Hotel at London, shot and fatally wounded Ed Perdee, a stone mason. [4]


[May 23, 1901] -

John Whitmore, a white porter at the Catching Hotel at London, [shot] and fatally wounded Ed. Perdee, a stone mason, Saturday. [5]


[June 27, 1901] -

LONDON, KY., June 18.-- As I did not finish my communication from Danville, I will endeavor to finish it now. This town also, as you have doubtless heard, is to some extent a historic place. It was to this place that the erstwhile Gov. Taylor, better known now as fugitive Taylor, undertook to send the State Legislature during his reign of terror at Frankfort, but the Democratic members could not see it to their interest to visit this section of "God's country" and did not come.

It was my pleasure, or lot, to witness in this town and in this (the Catching) hotel the first "little shooting affray" which I have seen in this state, where such little incidents do sometimes happen. The trouble arose between one Perdee and one Whitmore who were sitting near me (Perdee next to me) and talking pleasantly for awhile; but in the course of conversation the tune began to turn and jig times set in and next the whistle of bullets made variations to the music and I thought of all the good, honorable "innocent bystanders" that had filled premature graves in this section of "God's country" and I began looking for a hole in the wall, as I could not cross the "dead line" for the door. In a few second, however, Perdee, who was next to me, fell with a bullet in his face, and when the smoke cleared away I found the door and sought business in the other end of town. Perdee will probably recover, but he has a lead sinker somewhere in his head. 


H. P. WARDEN [6]


[December 9, 1902] -

John Whitmore, aged 45, was found dead in bed at the Catchings Hotel, London. [7]


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