January 16, 2015

Man Killed Over Game of Cards, Laurel, 1888


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[February 24, 1888] -

Wm. Crawford shot and killed Hugh Gregory at the latters grocery Sunday night. The parties were drunk and the difficulty I learn came up over a game of cards. [1]


[March 2, 1888] -

William Crawford, who was concerned in killing Hugh Gregory, at Marydell, Laurel county, last week, was captured with his accomplice in Clay county Tuesday and lodged in the London jail. [2]


[March 13, 1888] -

Robert Morris and William Crawford, charged with the murder of Gregory, were tried Saturday before Squire Baker. The squire will not render his decision before Monday, but it is the opinion of those who heard the testimony that Crawford will be held without bail, while Morris will probably be allowed to give bail. [3]


[March 20, 1888] -

At the examining trial of Crawford and Morris before Squire Baker last week Crawford was held without bail, while Morris was held in a bond of $2,000. They tried before Judge R. Boyd Saturday on writ of habeas corpus and Crawford was again refused bail and Morris' bail was reduced to $1,000. [4]


[April 10, 1888] -

Sunday evening, at 7 o'clock, while Gran Johnson, deputy jailer, was having a colored prisoner, Jake Dees, carry out the slop buckets, Dees threw the buckets down and made a dash for liberty. Johnson gave him a lively chase, firing three shots and capturing him about a mile from town. Johnson on leaving the jail left the door open and Sam Burnard, awaiting a new hearing and under a ten years' sentence, and Wm. Crawford, held for murder, without bail, made their escape, going in the direction of Williamsburg. Barnard is 6 feet 2 inches high, about 32 years old, smooth face, dark complexion and eyes. Crawford is over 6 feet tall, full face, small moustache, blue eyes and light complexion. Both poorly clad. Several years ago Barnard assaulted a young woman, and fearing arrest, blew out her brains with a revolver. By some hook or crook he failed to do the rope act and went free until last summer, when he killed his brother-in-law and was tried and sentenced for ten years, and was still in jail waiting for the courts to give him a new trial. Poor old Jake Dees only threw a rock at a train and has never been so fortunate as to kill his man, made a bold attempt to get away, but Gran could not afford to do without him. [5]


[April 18, 1911] -

The Governor refused pardons in the following cases:

Otha Davis, Grayson county, carrying concealed and deadly weapon; Abide Jones, Carter county, serving a sentence of twelve years for manslaughter; Alex Patrick, Magoffin county, fined $1,200 for selling liquor unlawfully; Bert Skaggs, Taylor county, serving a sentence of five years for manslaughter; F. A. Carter, Green county, serving a sentence of twenty-one years for manslaughter; William Crawford, Laurel county, under indictment for murder and escaped jail pending trial, was indicted in 1888 and his present whereabouts are not known; Elisha Brown, Harlan county, convicted of liquor selling; Ollie Brown, Lyon county, sent to prison for life under the habitual criminal act, the last conviction being for malicious cutting; Alonzo Johnson, Fayette county, serving a life sentence under the habitual criminal act. [6]


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