January 5, 2015

Man Kills Another in Drunken Argument, Rockcastle, 1878


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[August 9, 1878] -

ANOTHER ROCKCASTLE MURDER.--On Monday afternoon, at Pine Hill, R. E. McElroy, was shot and almost instantly killed by Wm. Pendleton. The particulars of the affair as we learn from W. C. Sharp, are about as follows: McElroy, who was familiarly known as X, and was at the time under the influence of liquor, was standing in a crowd bragging of his fighting qualities, when Pendleton came up. He was also intoxicated, and imagining that the bragadocia was intended for him, began to dispute with McElroy. Sharp words followed but the disputants finally made up and were about to shake hands and be friends, when McElroy remarked with an oath that he (P.) could not bluff him, and at the same time slapped him in the mouth. They stepped out on the platform but were pushed apart by Mr. Sharp. McElroy with his right hand in his pocket, advanced toward Pentleton, who drew his pistol an shot him through the right breast. McElroy walked off a few steps and dropped dead. Pendleton was subsequently arrested and lodged in jail, where he is now awaiting trial. Murder is becoming exceedingly common in Rockcastle, and the good citizens ought to put down an iron heel on that class of individuals. Unless they do, it will continue to grow till Rockcastle's reputation will be as bad as the most murder-ridden county in the State. [1]


[August 16, 1878] -

Wm. Pendleton, who shot and killed R. E. McElroy, at Pine Hill, on the evening of the 5th inst., an account of which was published in the Interior Journal last week, had his examining trial last Friday, before Judge George W. McClure. He was held to await the action of the Grand Jury, in the sum of $500. He gave the required bond. [2]


[September 17, 1878] -

William Pendleton, charged with killing R. A. McElroy at Pine Hill on the 5th of August last; John Mize, charged with killing O. J. Shrewsbury a few months since, and Louis Rains, an old negro, charged with killing Andrew Burch, another negro, are all under bond of $500 each for their appearance to answer an indictment for manslaughter. [3]


[September 27, 1878] -

The Grand Jury have reported an indictment against Wm. Pendleton, charged with killing R. E. McElroy, August 5th, 1878. Pendleton's trial is set for Friday of this week. [4]


[October 4, 1878] -

In the case of the Commonwealth vs. Wm. Pendleton, for murder, the jury returned a verdict of guilty of manslaughter, and affixed the punishment at eight years in the Penitentiary. [5]


[October 11, 1878] -

The other was the case against Wm. Pendleton for the murder of R. E. McElroy, in which, as was stated last week, the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter, and fixed the punishment at eight years in the penitentiary. On Saturday morning, Judge Randall sentenced the prisoner in accordance with the verdict. In passing sentence, the Court remarked that the opinion of the jury coincided with his own, and, while he had nothing against the prisoner, yet, he was bound to express himself as being gratified at the result. He spoke at some length against the practice of carrying pistols and drinking mean whisky--told the prisoner that to those condemnable habits he could attribute the blame for his unfortunate condition, and concluded by advising him to demean himself well during his punishment, and if he should be so fortunate as to breathe the air of freedom again, never again to be guilty of carrying concealed weapons, nor imbibing that accursed fluid which steals away men's brains. Pendleton left for Frankfort, Monday morning, accompanied by Judge McClure, Sheriff Joplin and his deputies, R. H. Joplin and D. C. Pointer. He expressed himself before he left, as satisfied with the verdict, saying that he supposed it was right according to the testimony. [6]


[April 28, 1879] -

N. McElvoy, killed by Wm. Pendleton; penitentiary five years. [7]


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