January 18, 2015

Saloon-Keeper Kills Antagonistic Patron, Rockcastle, 1883


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[October 23, 1883] -

On Saturday evening as H. J. Mullins entered his saloon, he saw a great burley negro brandishing his pistol over his head and threatening to kill any one who attempted to come to him. Mr. Mullins went up to him and took him by the arm to remove him, when he brought his pistol to bear upon Mullins--Mullins was too quick for him, and shot first. This was on the railroad, and is an every day occurrence. The negro was named Henry Peake. He died Sunday morning at 6 o'clock. [1]


[October 26, 1883] -

At Mount Vernon, Ky., last Saturday, H. J. Mullins shot and killed a drunken colored man who was in his saloon flourishing a pistol and threatening to kill some one. [2]


[November 20, 1883] - 

Oct. 21-- At Mt. Vernon, a drunken negro, name not given, was shot and killed by H. J. Mullens. [3]


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