January 11, 2015

Saloon-Keeper Kills Local Desperado, Pulaski, 1883


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[June 9, 1882] -

Wm. Catron, who calls himself "Wild Bill," and whose frequent escapades have been a source of constant terror and annoyance to all good citizens, was tried yesterday for rescuing a prisoner from the custody of an officer. Although the case was made out beyond a reasonable doubt and shown to be an aggravated one, still, an intelligent jury acquitted him in just five minutes. Public feeling is very high, and the utmost indignation is expressed at the sheriff for summoning the entire jury from the neighborhood where Catron's father and brothers live. []


[January 23, 1883] -

"Wild Bill" Catron, a well-known desperado of Pulaski, was shot and instantly killed by Wash Tuttle, at the latter's saloon, on Flat Lick Creek. Catron was drunk and becoming offended at Tuttle, drew a pistol, but the latter quickly drew a pistol from the counter drawer and fired with the above result. Catron was a young man, but regarded as a desperate fellow, and had been engaged in several shooting scrapes and at the time of his death there were eight bench warrants out against him. [2]


[January 23, 1883] -

"Wild Bill" has been killed near Somerset, Ky. How many of him are now left, we do not know. [3]


[January 30, 1883] -

Wm. Catron alias "Wild Bill," a Pulaski county desperado, was shot and killed by Wash Tuttle at Somerset, while he was trying to kill Tuttle. [4]


[February 16, 1883] -

Wash Tuttle, the man who killed Wild Bill Catran, has surrendered himself. [5]


[February 20, 1883] -

Wash Tuttle, the slayer of Wild Bill Catron, was acquitted at Somerset by the examining court. [6]


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