April 10, 2015

Man Killed and Robbed Near Somerset, Pulaski, 1881


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[February 23, 1881] -

A Kentucky Tragedy.

CINCINNATI, February 22. -- A telegram from Somerset, Kentucky, says that on Saturday last Harvey Russel started from a spelling match to attend a speaking at some distance, and not returning at the proper time a search was made, and he was found by the roadside stabbed in twenty-two places and his skull fractured. Money amounting to $150, a watch and other articles were missing. Five men have been arrested who were seen with him shortly after he left the spelling match. Circumstantial evidence also points to them as guilty. [1]


[March 1, 1881] -

Harry Russell was murdered and robbed of $150 and a watch near Somerset. Suspected parties were arrested. [2]


[May 20, 1881] -


The affair of absorbing interest here just now is the trial of Troxtell and the Carter boys for the murder of Russell, committed last February. They will be tried under a writ of habeas corpus to-day, and the anxiety to hear the new developments is intense. [3]


[May 27, 1881] -

The trial of the Carter boys and Wm. Troxtell, under a writ of habeas corpus, resulted in their being granted bail in the sum of $500 each. It is not very likely that they will be able to give it. The evidence is very weak and flimsey. The circumstances are of themselves utterly worthless, and they are utterly disconnected. Popular sentiment, so strong against them for sometime, is now largely in their favor. [4]


[October 21, 1881] -

SOMERSET. -- The trial of Mullany for killing Durham resulted in a hung jury, as did the Troxdell-Russell murder case. Bolton, for killing Whittaker, got four years. The trial of Carter, charged with the murder of Russell, is now progressing. [5]


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