May 9, 2015

One Killed in Quarrel Between Horsebus Drivers, Pulaski, 1886


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[December 21, 1886] -

Still another fatal shooting occurred in Somerset, Beddow, the driver of a rival bus line, firing a centre shot into Hodgecraft, another driver. [1]


[December 21, 1886] -

Two 'bus drivers named Hedgecraft and Beddow got into a fight at Somerset and Beddow fatally shot Hedgecraft. [2]


[April 20, 1888] -

Mr. T. M. Pennington, who came up from Somerset yesterday, tells us that Beddow, for killing Hedgecroft, got 17 years in the penitentiary. Steve Pennington's case was continued. [3]


[September 6, 1889] -

Three more convicts, making 40 in all, were paroled this week: Charles M. Beddow, sent from Pulaski county in 1888, for 17 years for manslaughter; H. C. Haynes, sent from Laurel county in 1888, for two years for malicious shooting and wounding; N. B. Taylor, sent from Pendleton county in 1888, for three years for horse stealing. [4]


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