August 25, 2016

Man Kills His Cousin in Quarrel over Money, Rockcastle, 1891


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[May 12, 1891] -


Cousins Quarrel Over a Money Transaction--One is Shot to Death.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 12.--A special from Mount Vernon, Ky., says: Near Wildie, this county, Sunday afternoon George Hays shot his cousin Thomas Hayes three times from which the latter died yesterday morning. The parties had been at outs over a settlement about some corn.

When they met, Tom advanced on and was abused George, and made a demonstration as if to draw as if to draw a weapon. A shot was fired and Tom fell to the ground. He arose and advanced upon George, saying: "You have not killed me yet." Another shot followed and Tom went down again, and again he arose with the remark: "You have not got me yet." He still advanced, running George through the house, when the latter fired a parting shot as he ran. This shot also took effect. Two bullets had pierced his bowels and one entered his chest. Hayes surrendered. The dead man leaves a wife and three children. [1]


[May 15, 1891] -

Sunday evening, five miles north of this place, George Hays shot and mortally wounded his cousin, Thomas Hays. The parties, who had usually been fast friends, had been at outs for some time over a settlement about some corn. They met at a neighbor's and the difficulty was renewed. It is said that Tom made a demonstration as if to draw a weapon and began advancing upon George, who backed across the porch until the side wall of the house was reached, when he fired a shot which knocked Tom off his feet and threw him from the porch to the ground. The wounded man arose remarking, "You have not killed me," and pursued George into the house, where another shot laid him on the floor. Tom rose the second time and chased George through the house, where a parting shot from the latter's pistol struck him in the breast. Tom stopped his pursuit and laid down. Two balls entered the bowels and one the breast.  The wounded man died at four o'clock next morning after intense suffering. George, immediately after the shooting, went to a neighbor's and sent for a doctor to go the relief of Tom. George sent word to town that he was coming in to surrender. Not doing so Sheriff Jones went out for him, but failed to find him. [2]


[May 19, 1891] -

A dispatch from Mr. James Maret at Mt. Vernon says that George Hays, who killed Thomas Hays, near there surrendered and at his examining trial yesterday was held in $800 bail. [3]


[May 22, 1891] -

Near Wilde, Rockcastle county, Geo. and Thos. Hays, cousins, quarreled over a bill of corn, and the latter was shot and killed. [4]


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