September 3, 2016

Bill Carrigan Kills Man in Burnside, Pulaski, 1875


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[April 23, 1875] -

Bill Carrigan who has finished a course of lectures in the Kentucky Penitentiary, killed a son of Reid & Flannery's foreman, at the Point, Saturday night. As to particulars we hear them related so as to justify each party--we, therefore, refrain from giving either version, as we do not desire an undue prejudice against even the murderer, but simply ask that justice be given him to the fulfillment of the law. We venture the assertion that whisky was directly or indirectly the cause. If so, who is to bear the stain of this man's blood. [1]


[May 7, 1875] -

Carrigan, the man killer, is yet at large. It appears that the friends of the deceased do not intend to prosecute him, and we therefore, from past experience, suppose he will go free, at least, until the sitting of our next Grand Jury. It is possible that men shall go on with their crimes, and the officer of the law will take no steps toward meeting out to them a just retribution? Our county Judge surely ought to take this case in hand, and see that Carrigan is brought up for trial. The good people of the country are worn out with officers who will not see the law executed. When men get a taste of holding office, it appears that they are ever afterward ready to conciliate matters with murderers, drunkards, and every one else--looking to the time when they may again seek an official berth. When your humble servant, hereafter casts a vote, it shall never be for any one who can give no evidence that he will execute the law of the land. Maj. Elliott, as town Marshal, exhibited the true type of a civil officer, by fearlessly and impartially, using his utmost to bring offenders to justice. He courted no man's favor, and all this, too, he did without any desire for gain from the proceeds of the office, but simply worked to put down all lawlessness. May others follow his noble example. [2]


[1] Excerpt from "Pulaski County News." The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. April 23, 1875. Page 3. LOC.

[2] Excerpt from "Pulaski County News." The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. May 7, 1875. Page 2. LOC.


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