December 5, 2016

Regulators Hang Man in Baptist Churchyard, Lincoln, 1870


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[April 10, 1870] -

One of Judge Lynch's Band Shot.

On Tuesday night last a negro horse thief named Fox, while walking along the road with another negro near Crab Orchard, was arrested and hung in the Baptist church yard. Next day the citizens were talking the matter over, and a man named Winston Owens remarked that he could name six of the party who did the hanging. On Thursday morning, between 2 and 3 o'clock, a party of men went to the hotel, where Owens kept bar, and called for whisky. He told them he would give them the key to the saloon, but would not go down stairs himself. The men then said they would make him come. Owens then took a double-barreled shot-gun, loaded with buckshot, and emptied both barrels into the crowd. The crowd quickly left the hotel, and next morning blood was found on the pavement. It was afterward ascertained that the crowd intended violence toward Owens, and that a man named Platt or Hyatt was dangerously wounded in the bowels, and will probably die. [1]


[March 25, 1871] -

73. Negro hung by mob at Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, April 6, 1870.


[1] "One of Judge Lynch's Band Shot." The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY. April 10, 1870. Page 1.

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