December 9, 2017

Samuel Douglass Killed at his Mill, Lincoln, 1860


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[April 23, 1860] -

SHOCKING MURDER. -- We learn from the Danville Tribune that on Tuesday night last, Mr. Samuel Douglas, of Lincoln county, was found dead in his mill, three miles from Crab Orchard, near the turnpike leading from Stanford.  He had left his house, on that evening, for the purpose of attending to his mill, which was running, and a short time afterwards the attention of the family was attracted by the noise made by the mill, as if the grain had exhausted.  On going to the mill they found Mr. Douglas lying upon the floor, dead, his head much bruised as if by blows from a club.  A negro man of Mr. D’s had been arrested, charged with the murder.” [1]


[April 29, 1860] -

Samuel Douglass, of Lincoln County, Ky., was found dead recently with his skull fractured, near Danville. One of his slaves has been arrested on suspicion. [2]


[June 1860] -

Saml M. Douglass, 63, Male, White, Free, Married, born in Kentucky, died in April, occupation Farmer, cause of death Murdered, number of days ill blank. [3]


[1] "Shocking Murder." The Louisville Daily Courier, Louisville, KY. April 23, 1860. Page 2. Also printed in: "Shocking Murder." Kentucky Statesman, Lexington, KY. May 1, 1860. Available on microfilm at the University of Kentucky.

[2] Excerpt from "Varieties." Cincinnati Daily Press, Cincinnati, OH. April 29, 1860. Page 1.

[3] No. 19 on the 1860 Lincoln Co. Mortality Schedule, Pg 3


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