January 15, 2018

Wesley McFerran Kills Railroad Hand, Pulaski, 1874


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[October 9, 1874] -

Wesley McFerron, who was brought to our town [Somerset] from Mt. Vernon, one day last week, upon a warrant for stabbing a railroad hand in our county [Pulaski], a few months since, made his escape from the guards and is now running at large. [1]


[September 24, 1875] -

Wes. McFerrin, lies in jail under a charge of killing a negro on Cummings' work. [2]


[March 31, 1876] -

McFerran, who is accused of murder in Pulaski, and who was brought for safe keeping to the Jail here [Stanford], was taken back to Somerset, by Jailer Shepperd, on last Tuesday, for trial before the Circuit Court now in session at that place. [3]


[March 31, 1876] -

On Tuesday, Wm. Shepperd, Jailer of Pulaski county, came to Stanford in obedience to orders from His Honor, Judge Owsley, for the purpose of conveying McFerrin, (who has been confined for several months in our jail for safe keeping, under charge of murder,) back to Somerset to make preparations for his trial. Whilst Mr. Sheppard was on his way to Stanford, and in passing through Waynesburg, he arrested a [man] named Hughes, an Irishman, who had murdered a man, Friday or Saturday night last, on Section 100. Of course Shepperd will deliver both his prisoners safely in jail at Somerset, which will increase the number to fourteen prisoners. The time of the Court will be largely occupied with these criminals. Mr. Shepperd is a faithful officer, and his county is justly proud of him. [4]


[October 6, 1876] -

Circuit Court is still in session and although it has been busy all the time, no cases of importance have, up to this time, been decided. The case of McFerran for murder, is now (Wednesday) in trial, and will consume the remainder of the day. The Commonwealth made out quite a strong case against McFerran, and it is likely, if the jury don't hang (which is very probable) that his sentence will be severe. [5]


[October 13, 1876] -

After a session of two weeks, occupied almost exclusively in commonwealth cases, our Circuit Court adjourned on Saturday last. As we predicted, the jury, in the McPherson murder case, hung. It therefore became a bailable case, and, now, having given bail, McPherson, the reputed slayer of a number of others besides the unfortunate negro, for whose murder he was tried, goes forth again after an imprisonment of six or eight months in jail, to his bloody work. The Church Advocate ought to employ him now as a regular correspondent. He gets up such a mournful tale, at least, the letters he used to write it from his lonely cell, (especially the one of the 4th of last July) savors considerably of the mournful. [6]


[July 10, 1877] -

Somerset Reporter: The called term of the Pulaski Circuit Court for the trial of equity and criminal cases convenes on the 9th inst. There are four murder cases to be disposed of, the defendants being Wesley McPherrinSarah Surber, Mary Kinkead, and Davis alias Red Helton, and a case for bigamy against David Rollins. [7]


[October 12, 1877] -

McFerran, who two years ago killed a negro, was tried at the recent term of the Circuit Court and acquitted. [8]


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