September 7, 2018

Phillip Cormany Kills [?] Hines, Pulaski, 1859[?]


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[January 17, 1861] -

To the Govenor of the State of Kentucky The undersigned who was appointed by the court to defend and the Commonwealth atty state that Phillip Cormany was tried and convicted to the Penitentiary of Ky for the period of Seven years for the killing of a man by the name of Hines at the march Term of the Pulaski Circuit Court 1859 that he is now in said Penetentiary The proof and circumstances in the case a abundantly showed that he was a man of very weak mind approaching very nearly to Idiocy that he was greatly under the influence of Liquor at the time and when under the influence of Liquor he was bereft of what mind he had, that before the killing took place he had been very badly treated by two man Shellery and Lynn_ one had held him and the other had pissed on him Lynn had drawn a dangerous knife on him twice and made at him to thrust it in him that Just about the time he shot Hines (which was at the door of ^a^ drinking house where a good many persons were of assembled and drinking Liquor) that Hines Lynn walked to him where he was peaceably standing and slapped him in the face and ordered him out of the house Cormany went out and as he went Lynn followed him with his knife drawn and Just as Cormany passed out of the door he turned and fired and Hines fell the witness ^thought^ it was Lynn that fell the officer immediately arrested Cormany who asked what for: the officer said for killing that man. Cormany replied I told ^him^ if he drew his knife on him ^me^ again he ^I^ would kill him ^It was also proven that the Pistol with which he shot he had taken from me other means [...][...] Just a short time before the shooting^ we think it would be proper to pardon him Jan 17th 1861

Sherrod Williams

I think the foregoing statements toleraby accurate, there was no doubt that Cormony did not intend to kill Hinds. he aimed to shoot Lynn, who was an aggressor upon him at the time

E L Vanwinkle atto

Phillip Cormany who is now in the Penitintiary of Kentucky for the killing of Hines is a poor Ignorant creature has a wife and three infant children who have no means of support. we the ^undersigned citizens of Pulaski County^ petition The Govenor to pardon him and Let him come home and work to keep his wife & children from starvation:

William E Vaught, J C Allman, E. E. Barron, John Owing, M B Perkins, Isaac Gastineau, David R Taysory, Henry G Vaught

J D Cardan on of the Jury, E. S. Salyer, J S Vickery, John O. Ashley, F H Licking, David Hubble, C C Doss

Isaac T. Vaught, Josiah Girler, Benjamin Girdler, A J Gelvin, Joseph Huskerson, J.. Vickey, Robert Randolph, J. E. Carson, John A Brake, William Vaught, A. H. [Suver], W D Muse, F F Vaught, [...] Doss, R Russell, M D. Harney, J. S. Datten, D. W. Barron, Wm Kennedy, Elisha Dunyan, Wm Surber, Wm Culuss, Levi Stubbel, Elisha Prue, W M Fox, J W. Bobbett, W,, W Adaris one of Jury, John Smith, J H Davis, E W Lowder, D Gregory, W Copper, A S Owens,

Jacob Cox, V. W. Allen, J P Nunnelley, E Thompson, R G Vaught, O P Jasper, Thomas Baugh, Jno W Adams, George M. Merrick, Hudson Neurey, Thos White, Jesse Purvill, Saml D Combest, Silas Price J P, T Burham Sheriff, Jos Newchurch, E Carr J P, William [...], Henry [Bergerill], John Gaston, Willis Eastham Assesor, John Hall Jr, Daniel McDaniel, Bird S Willson, T Q Elliot, Andrew Ballard, Tom [Dicks], A. J. Irvin, Alex. R. McKee, Will C. Curd, J. S. Bishop, A G Howell, John M Hanby, W G Swiler, James Pence, Thomas Z Marron, Joel Sallee, C B. Backeller, J M Perkins, T. M. Paschal, Joseph Bryant, Millon G Bryant, E Young, Alvey Vanhook, C D Porch J P C P, John N Allen, W G Mills, Henry Vaught, E Woolsey, W E Beatie, S W Hail, M V Cundiff, W M Newell, R Gibson, Frank J White,

I do not know of my own knowledge the above stated facts but I it is Generally been reported to me as above stated 
James Eastham, W D Black, Wm Haney, Thomas Gindler, W M Davis, R. S. Barron, M Singleton, R F Beatie, W D Gosett, M. M. Higgins, John J Griffin, Jones Sutton, John Crawford, Hiram Dugan, [Chrisley Copperkoffer], D. F. Cundiff, C P Eastham coronor, John Parrott, V.. B.. Watson, J. H. More, Wan R Kelly D S

The petition of the Citizens of Pulaski County for the pardon of Phillip Cormany [1]


[1] Sherrod Williams to Beriah Magoffin,  17 January 1861,  Office of the Governor, Beriah Magoffin: Governor's Official Correspondence File, Petitions for Pardons and Remissions, 1859-1862,  MG24-252 to MG24-253,  Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives,  Frankfort,  KY.  Accessed via the Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition: Early Access,, (accessed July 20, 2017).


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