January 9, 2018

Eb Cooley Kills George Scott, Garrard, 1886


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[October 5, 1886] -

On last Wednesday about two miles from Lynchburg, this county, Eb Cooley killed George Scott with an ax. The particulars as we learn them are as follows: Cooley and Scott were at the home of a neighbor and became engaged in a difficulty, probably over a woman. Cooley to avoid trouble left the place and went some distance away, but was followed by Scott, who renewed the trouble, when Cooley struck him several times with an ax, inflicting wounds from which he died the next day. There were no eye witnesses to the deed and the above is Cooley's own version of the affair. He surrendered himself to Esquire Walker and will have his examining trial Tuesday, when it is quite likely he will be acquitted. Both men were drinking at the time of the difficulty and both were reputed to be fearless men. Coroner A. O. Burnside held an inquest on the remains last Friday, when the jury returned a verdict that George Scott came to his death from wounds inflicted by an ax in the hands of Eb Cooley. [1]


[October 5, 1886] -

KILLED. -- Eb Cooley, the reputed son of the late Eb Kennedy, killed John Scott in upper Garrard Friday with an axe. [2]


[October 8, 1886] -

Eb Cooley, charged with the killing of George Scott, had his examining trial before 'Squire J. S. Robinson, Tuesday, and was discharged. The evidence proved conclusively that Cooley acted in self-defense. [3]


[October 7, 1886] -

George Scott, who was hit with an axe by Eb Cooley near Boone's Gap, in Rockcastle County, has since died. [4]


[October 8, 1886] - 

Another killing took place in upper Garrard last week. It is said that E. B. Cooley and John Scott met at the house of a neighbor and became engaged in a difficulty. Cooley, to avoid trouble, left the house and went to another some distance away. Scott followed and renewed the difficulty, when Cooley struck him on the head with an ax, inflicting wounds which caused his death Friday. A warrant has been issued for Cooley, who, it is said, is willing and ready to surrender. As a matter of course, both parties were under the influence of liquor. Coroner A. O. Burnsides held an inquest over to body. Cooley was brought before Judge Walker, and his examining trial was held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. He was acquitted on the plea of self-defense. [5]


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Anonymous said...

Eb Cooley was also involved in a fatal shooting involving Henderson and Peter Green of Garrard County, Kentucky in 1887. Henderson was wounded and early newspaper reports thought he might die but he recovered although he only lived until 1890. Peter was killed. Eb Cooley was acquitted. There are several newspaper accounts of the incident in Kentucky. One article says that "Eb Cooley adds two more killed to his record". Some out-of-state newspapers also ran articles about the shooting.

Deanna Bennett