July 23, 2011

High-end Homes in Lincoln, Nebraska, 1902

This one is from The Courier of Lincoln, Nebraska, August 2, 1902...

Colonial Homes Now All The Rage 
Colonial architecture is just now the crying demand in Lincoln.  Architects say they cannot give the public at large enough of it.  And in fact the movement started in the east last year and the year before that.  Colonial styles are in vogue again and the chances are that more or less architecture of that sort will adorn Lincoln in the near future. 
Houses built after this plan are very plain.  There are no intricately shaped panels, no places for dust to accumulate.  Of course all such residences are furnished with everything in the shape of modern  conveniences but  the exterior  is made nearly as possible after the style of the old New England farmhouses.  
Indeed architects from New York are even now traveling throughout New England copying plans of the ancient mansions.  These they picture on paper and go back to the city to reproduce these structures for the homes of the wealthy. 
Hundreds of these homes can now be seen in the most fashionable quarters of all the large eastern cities.  Gradually the style travels westward and the colonial boom has full sway in Lincoln. 
In  this city the popular price for a comfortable home is $5,000.  Real estate, plumbing and fitting the interior of the house are items not included.  With paving, a good lot, up-to-date plumbing and a spacious lawn such a residence costs about $12,000.  In Lincoln it has been found out by dear experience that it is not profitable to invest much more than this sum in a house.  For this reason the prices run about $5,000 for the material plans and construction of the building. 
Porches go back to classic styles.  They are plain and the pillars are as  nearly as possible the dimensions of those of the ancient masters.

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