August 19, 2011

Nine-Year-Old Pickpocket, 1911

From The World of New York City, NY, August 12, 1911:

Detectives Follow Little Concotta Ingloso for Two Hours Before Arresting Her.
The youngest girl pickpocket ever seen at the Children's Court pleaded guilty to-day before Justice Hoyt, and was remanded to the care of the Children's Society until August 19th, for further investigation. She is Concotta Ingloso, nine years old, fair-haired, pretty, with mild blue eyes, and diminutive in size for her age. 
When the child took the stand she admitted that she was a pickpocket, under the tutelage of a man whose name and description she has furnished to the police.  She said that a fourteen-year-old boy acted as a go-between, and relieved her of her spoils, for which she usually received about forty-five cents a day. 
Detective Wertheimer of the "Strong Arm Squad" and Detective Wittenberg of the Central Office were out yesterday looking for "big game," when they were startled to see a little girl deftly put her hand into the pocket of a woman's apron on Orchard street and withdraw a pocketbook.  This she put into a large handbag.  Thinking they would eventually trail her confederate, they followed her.  The trail led through Orchard and Houston street, through a section of First avenue, to Rivington, to Stanton, to Broome streets.  They followed her for two hours and saw her go through the pockets of thirteen persons before they arrested her. 
The little girl's father, Franceson Ingloso, of No. 222 Chrystie street, was in court before the little girl was arraigned. 
"I would rather see you dead than alive," he said to the child.  "You are not fit to bear the name Ingloso." 
Justice Hoyt showed great sympathy for the little girl, saying that she was far too young to realize her acts, and that the only person who was actually responsible was the man who had taught her to steal.  She has been a pickpocket for five weeks.

(That father was a tad bit harsh, don't you think?)

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