August 13, 2011

False Claims of Travelling Salesmen

From The Columbus Journal of Columbus, Nebraska, December 12, 1894:

A Churn Peddler Outwitted.
That the shrewdest of churn peddlers sometimes meets defeat is again in evidence.  One of the verbose pedestrians recently called at a farmhouse in Lewiston.  The lady said she had a patent churn already, but the man insisted that his was so much better that he could get two pounds more butter from the cream than she could from her churn.  She said: "If you can I will buy it." So he left the churn, promising to come and prove it the next morning.  The lady put her cream into her churn and brought her butter, took it out and poured the buttermilk into the vender's churn.  He came the next morning and churned and churned, but no butter, exclaiming at last: "There's no butter in this cream." "I know it," said the lady, "for I've churned it in my churn, but I wanted to see you get the other two pounds."  There was no sale and no further conversation.

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