October 9, 2011

1.5-Year-Old Boy and His Pet Snakes

From The Caldwell Watchman of Columbia, Louisiana on January 8, 1915:

Mother Startled at Finding Child Petting Copperheads and Feeding Them.

Altoona, Pa.--To keep him home, where she thought he would be in no danger, Mrs. John Kobac of Northwood, a suburb of Tyrone, carried a large bowl of bread and milk out on the front porch and summoned her active eighteen-month-old son George to a feast.

George "fell to," and the mother went off to finish her housework.  In a short time she heard him using pet names, and went out to see who was there.  She was horrified to discover George nursing two fair-sized copperheads.

The reptiles were lying in his lap, greedily feeding on the bread and milk, while he stroked them affectionately with his hands.

Mrs. Kobac screamed, grabbed the child and fled into the house as the snakes wriggled away.

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