October 12, 2011

Tesla Predicted Television and Video Chat

This one didn't quite fit in with the topic of my last Nikola Tesla post where I shared clips of his more outlandish claims, but I liked this one too much to not share it as well.

From The Tacoma Times of Tacoma, Washington on October 14, 1915:

The Tacoma Times, Oct 14, 1915
...Tesla, "but believe me when I say it is only the beginning.

"Very soon it will be possible for us to see each other at distances of thousands of miles; we shall be enabled to hear an opera, sermon or scientific lecture, and be visually present in all kinds of meeting and transactions without regard to where we ourselves happen to be at that time.

"This will become a daily business experience, not only to transmit with unerring precision a signature to an important document, but enable the recipient in a distant country to see it affixed by the sender.

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