July 6, 2012

Funeral Attendees Scramble to Stake Gold Claims

This article comes from the Charleston Mercury, Charleston, SC on November 21, 1860:

An Incident of Life In the Gold Regions.-- Among the deep defiles[?] of the Rocky Mountains, lately, a small company of men stood around the new made grave of a dead companion.  With heads uncovered, they listened attentively to the words of the preacher as he offered up a prayer.  While in the midst of it, one of the company discovered "the color" in the earth at his feet thrown up to make room for the remains of the deceased.  In a loud whisper he communicated the rather exciting intelligence to his companion.  All heard it, even the clergy man, who, suspending his prayer, opened his eyes to see his auditory scatter in every direction to stake off gold claims.  Calling in a loud voice to them to stake him off a "claim," her re-closed his eyes, hastily concluded his prayer, and started off in a run to join his fellows in securing a claim.

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