August 29, 2012

Robert Whitaker killed by Hampton Mize, Rockcastle, 1901


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[August 30, 1901] -

KILLING. --- Hamp Mize killed Bob Whitaker, yesterday, near Jack Norton’s store on Big Skaggs creek. [1]


[August 31, 1901] -


LIVINGSTON, Ky., August 30. -- Hampton Mize and Robert Whitaker, who live four miles south of here, became involved in a quarrel in which Mize shot and killed Whitaker.  Mize has not been arrested. [2]


[August 31, 1901] -

Livingston, Ky., Aug. 31. – Robert Whitaker was shot and killed by Hampton Mize.  The men quarreled over a trivial matter. [3]



Domestic Troubles Alleged Cause of Fatal Shooting on the Highway Near Livingston.

Mt. Vernon, Ky., Aug. 30. -- (Special.) -- Robert Whitaker, aged twenty-four years, was shot and killed on the highway, six miles west of Livingston, yesterday afternoon, by Hampton Mize. Whitaker was the youngest son of the late W. P. Whitaker, who once represented Rockcastle and Laurel counties in the Legislature. Mize, who is thirty years old, has not been arrested.

It is alleged that several months ago Whitaker and Mrs. Mize left together for Tennessee, and that Whitaker returned to Rockcastle county, leaving the woman behind. She wrote to her husband, imploring him to bring her home, and he granted her request.

Yesterday afternoon, Mize claims, he met Whitaker and Mrs. Mize on the highway, and that he was forced to kill the young man in self-defense.

Whitaker's friends claim that he was enticed away from home so that Mize could have the opportunity to kill him. 

Whitaker was married, and had one child. [4]


[September 20, 1901] -

Hamp Mize charged with murder for killing Robert Whitaker, was allowed bail in the sum of $1 000 which he failed to give and was placed in the custody of the jailer. [5]


[September 19, 1902] -


Mrs. P. J. Hall was fined $20 and cost for selling liquor unlawfully; Mose Adams $25 and cost for carrying concealed weapons. John Burnside, colored, who stole engineer Sturgis' overcoat and other wearing apparel, at Livingston, some several months ago, was given one year in the pen. The case against Hamp Mize, for the killing of Robt. Whittaker, was called and will go to the jury about noon to-day.  A large number of witnesses were examined.  Two speeches were made, C. C. Williams for the defense, closing with Commonwealth’s Attorney Sharp for the prosecution. The jury in the Wyatt Allen case for the killing of Squire Gatliff has been secured and the trial commence about [?] o'clock to day. [6]


[Mar 5, 1909] -


Of application for restoration to citizenship of Hamp Mize.

 The undersigned, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the Circuit Court of Rockcastle County, at the September Term 1902, will ask the Governor for restoration to citizenship, and all who object will notify the Governor and state in writing any objections.



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