June 1, 2013

Law and Order Excerpts from the Mt. Vernon Signal (16 June 1922)

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Crime related excerpts from the Mount Vernon Signal of Rockcastle County, KY on June 16, 1922 issue:

Another killing occur[r]ed in our country last week when Calvin Barnes was killed by [Willie] Kirby and we understand that whiskey was directly or undirectly the cause.  How long, oh how long will this poisonous stuff be made, the worst enemy that man can have on earth.  We truly hope that Judge Kennedy and all the officers will still make the fight on moonshine and bootleggers harder and harder until not one will be left in the country.  We can see in the last twelve months a great improvement, let the good work go on and when the last drop has been banished from the earth Satan will about be out of a job, he can bank his fires, hang crepe on the gates of torment and hang out the sign, "Hell for Rent".
The examining trial of Willie Kirby, for the killing of Calvin Barnes was held Monday, and he was held over to the Grand Jury under $2000 bond.
The June Term of the Rockcastle Circuit Court begins Monday June 26th.

Luther Owens was fined in two cases, one for drunkenness $10 and 5 days in jail, the other for breach of the peace, $20 and 10 days in jail.

Willie[?] Malicote[?] was fined on a charge of breech of the peace, $20 and 10 days in jail.

B. H. Griffin, drunkenness $10, and cost.

Oscar Mullins, drunkenness $10 and 5 days in jail, and transporting whisky, $100 and 30 days in jail.
Show me the man who is always cussing the officers when they really try to enforce the prohibition laws and other laws and I will show you either a moonshiner, a bootlegger, a drunkard or whiskey sympathizer.  If your officers do their duty, and we believe they are trying to do the right thing.  If they are not doing their duty tell them as a friend and we believe at least some good will be done.  If this shoe fits you wear it.
One of the largest stills yet discovered in Rockcastle County was broken up Wednesday, near New Hope church.  Information was received by Judge Bowman Wednesday morning, of the location of the still and the sheriff being absent, he called on Deputy W. H. Levisay, who immediately went to the location indicated, but the still had been removed.  However, Mr. Levisay followed the wagon tracks and discovered the still which was a 60 gallon capacity.  The owner was not captured.

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