June 28, 2013

Owney Warren killed by Evan Cash, Laurel, 1913



[July 6, 1913] -


(Special to The Herald.)

SOMERSET, KY., July 5.--In a difficulty near the Pulaski and Laurel county border line Evans Cash, of Pulaski county, shot and killed Owney Warren, near Warren's home, and might have killed a boy named Holt, who was trying to disarm Cash had the pistol not failed to fire when he snapped it in Holt's face.  In the struggle between Holt and Cash, the latter was pretty badly beaten up before he was finally disarmed by Holt, who was trying to avert further bloodshed.  A difficulty arose between Cash and Warren and before any one was aware of what was taking place Cash opened fire on Warren.  Cash surrendered to Laurel county officials and will be tried in that county. [1]


[November 4, 1913] -

Evan Rash, of Pulaski county, was found guilty in the Laurel circuit court today of the murder of Otis Warren and sentenced to the penitentiary for life. The killing occurred near to Pulaski county line about two months ago. Warren was only about 18 years old, while Kash is about 25. [2]


[July 4, 1921] - 

Evan Cash, Laurel county, murder, life, June, 1913; pardoned April 4, 1921. [3]


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