September 19, 2013

Jack C. Watkins Kills Sam Gaines in Argument Over Girl, 1900



[September 28, 1900] - 

Sam Gaines was shot and killed by Jack Watkins over a girl at East Bernstadt.  Watkins surrendered. [1]


[October 4, 1900] -


LONDON, Ky., Oct. 3.--An indictment was returned here this morning against J. C. Watkins, charging him with willful murder of Sam Gaines. [2]


[May 30, 1901] -

Jack Watkins Gets Two Years.

London, Ky., May 30.--A jury Wednesday returned a verdict against Jack Watkins for killing Sam Gaines, fixing his punishment at two years in the state prison. [3]


[July 18, 1901] -


FRANKFORT, Ky., July 17.--Governor Beckham granted a pardon in the case of Jack Watkins, of Laurel county, who was serving a sentence of two years in the State penitentiary here on conviction of manslaughter in May last. [4]


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