October 3, 2013

Man Hires Boy to Kill Two Women Who Had Threatened His Wife, 1901



[September 15, 1901] -

Miss Maggie Neatman was shot and instantly killed by a boy named Tom Brown, near London.  Miss Neatman and the boy's sister had quarrelled. [1]


[September 17, 1901] -

At Lilly, Laurel county, Maggie Neatman was killed by Tom Brown, a 14 year old boy. Brown's sister and the Neatman woman quarreled and when he heard of it he procured a shotgun and blew her head off.  Brown and sister are in jail at London. [2]


[September 20, 1901] -

Tom Brown and Lizzie Stringer were held without bail at London for killing Maggie Neatman at Lilly. [3]


[September 20, 1901] -

KILLED.--Quince Moore shot and killed Joel Williams in Knox county, near Corbin, Saturday, the trouble having arose over a shooting match.  Moore is a half brother to Tom Brown, who killed Maggie Neatman at Lily last week. [4]


[September 29, 1901] -



LONDON, Ky., Sept. 28.-- (Associated Press.) --Tom Brown, in jail for the murder of Maggie Nealman, is dying.  He confessed today that his brother-in-law, Dick Stringer, induced him to kill her.  Stringer was arrested.  Mrs. Stringer is already in jail. [5]


[October 1, 1901] -

Boy Says He Was Hired to Kill.

LONDON, Sept. 30.--Thomas Brown, sixteen years old, in jail charged with the murder of Mrs. Maggie Nealman, is dying from pneumonia.  To Judge Stansbury he confessed that he killed Mrs. Nealman and said he snapped his gun at her sister, Mary Favors, but the weapon hung fire.  The boy said his brother-in-law, Dick Stringer, had hired him to kill them, because, he said, they had threatened to kill his wife.  Stringer has now been arrested. [6]


[October 25, 1901] - 

Tom Brown, aged 16, was given a life sentence at London for killing Mrs. Maggie Neatman at Lily. [7]

[October 29, 1901] -



Deputy Sheriff E. S. Robbins, of Laurel county, passed through the city yesterday en route to the penitentiary, having in charge Thomas Martin, a fifteen-year-old white boy, convicted of murder.  He shot and killed Mrs. Maggie Neatman at London at month ago and was given a life sentence. [8]


[February 14, 1902] - 


The grand jury has adjoined until next Monday. Tom Brown, who was sentenced to the penitentiary ----------- ---------- ------------?? court for life for murder of Maggie Neatman at Lily, was brought back from Frankfort during the week to testify in the case of Mrs. Lizzie Stringer, her sister, charged as an accomplice in the murder of Maggie Neatman. Mrs. Stringer's case was called Wednesday and after the testimony for the Commonwealth had been heard, the court gave the jury peremptory instructions to acquit. [9]


[February 19, 1902] - 

London, Ky., Feb. 13.-- Mrs. Lizzie Stringer was acquitted of the charge of murdering Maggie Nealman. [10]


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