November 14, 2013

Seduced Woman Commits Suicide, Pulaski, 1889



[July 22, 1889] -

A Ruined Girl Commits Suicide.

Somerset, Ky., July 22.--(Special.)--Miss Mary Gelders, daughter of Green Gelders, a prominent shipping merchant residing on the Cumberland river, near Wolff creek, shot herself in the left breast yesterday.  The young lady had been engaged to a young man named William Simpson, who, through false representations ruined her.  Fearing disgrace, she resolved to commit suicide.  She deliberately took a pistol from her father's bureau-drawer, and walking into her room and lying down on a couch she fired.  Two physicians from this place were summoned to attend the young lady, but reached her bedside too late. [1]


[July 26, 1889] -

Tuesday was a good day for killing in Kentucky.  John Rose was assassinated from ambush in Powell county. Evan S. Warren was killed by three negroes at Danville.  Wm Baugh murdered Green Flynn near Somerset with a handspike and Miss Mary Gilders, the victim of a seducer, committed suicide near the same place. [2]


[August 2, 1889] -

Miss Mary Gilders, a young woman, committed suicide at her home on the Cumberland river, near Wolf Creek, a few days ago. [3]


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