December 19, 2013

Pours Carbolic Acid Down Throat of Wife, 1921

[July 22, 1921] -


By Universal Service
Buffalo, July 21.--The police tonight arrested John Verosky, 103 Cliff street, East Pittsburgh, on a charge of murder, first degree.  In a fit of jealousy the man is said by the police to have entered a beauty parlor here this afternoon, where his wife was employed, and after blinding her with a solution of carbolic and muriatic acid, to have poured the contents of a second bottle down her throat.  The woman died an hour later.

Verosky is a scenario writer using the name of Harvey Reynolds.  Since a marital estrangement last January Mrs. Verosky had been living with her mother in Buffalo.

Verosky escaped from the scene after grappling with a newsboy, but was pursuaded by an infuriated crowd and was captured on an automobile truck.


[1] "Pours Carbolic Acid Down Throat of Wife." The Patriot of Harrisburg, PA. July 22, 1921. Page 14.

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