January 7, 2014

Man Commits Suicide Over Sour Real Estate Deal, 1910



[March 11, 1910] -


Pulaski Farmer Shoots Self After Trading Off His Home

SOMERSET, Ky., March 10.-- O. C. Bilderbeck, about 55 years old, and a prominent citizen of Somerset, committed suicide yesterday morning by shooting himself through the head with a revolver.  Two weeks ago he traded his home on Maple street for a house and small farm on the Stanford road, just outside the city limits, and is thought to have been dissatisfied with his trade.

Yesterday morning he left his plow in the furrow, went to the house with tear stains on his cheeks, kissed his wife and walked away toward the barn.  A few minutes later a pistol shot was heard and he was found resting against the rear of the barn with a bullet hole in each side of his skull.  He lived but a few minutes.  He left no statement of any kind explaining his action.

Bilderbeck married a Miss Elliott of Somerset, some seven years ago.  Until two years ago they resided in Missouri, where he was employed in the machine shops.  Bilderbeck is a brother-in-law of Messrs. George L. and Robert Elliott and W. A. Pettus.  His friends claim that brooding over the land transaction was the cause of his act. [1]


[1] "Suicide Results from a Real Estate Deal." Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY. March 11, 1910. Page 3. Genealogybank.com.


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