March 12, 2014

Pulaski Farmer Slain By Tenant, 1905



[July 2, 1905] -


SOMERSET, Ky., July 1.-- A tragedy which shocked the entire community occurred at Shopville, in the Eastern portion of this county, when Fount Randall, a prominent farmer, was shot and instantly killed by a tenant, who cultivates Randall's lands, living no great distance from Randall's residence.  The tenant, it is alleged, found Randall in the rear of his house, and a difficulty arose over his presence, when the tenant opened fire on him with a double barreled shotgun, killing him instantly. [1]


[July 4, 1905] -

Fount Randall, a prominent farmer, was shot and killed by his tenant, Roscoe Ping, near Shopville, Pulaski county, Randall was at Ping's home when a quarrel arose between the men.  A shotgun was used. [2]


[July 6, 1905] -

Killed His Landlord.

Somerset, Ky., July 1. -- Fount Randall was shot and killed near Shopville by Roscoe King, a tenant, on his farm.  The men quarreled when King found Randall near his house and a shotgun was used. [3]


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