March 18, 2014

Man Accidentally Kills His Brother in Gunfight over Craps Game, 1907



[November 29, 1907] -

As a result of a crap game at Livingston last Saturday, one man lost his life and two more are slightly wounded.  As shown by evidence in the examining trial, some eight or ten had congregated in the back room of the barber shop to take a drink and two or three of the number engaged in a crap game, a difference arose between Ed Mullins and Joe Mize, when both parties went for his pistol and began to fire.  Mullins received a slight wound on the left side, but Mize escaped uninjured.  Greely Mize, an innocent by-stander and a brother of Joe Mize, who fell a victim, it is claimed, was by a stray bullet from his brothers pistol.  John Mounce received two rather painful but not serious wounds, one in the left hand and one in right arm.  George Mullins a brother of Ed Mullins another bystander, received a very slight wound on the head.  Joe Mize was permitted to attend the burial of his brother on Sunday, after which all the parties in charge of Marshall Henry Bulton[?] and Deputy Sheriff G. S. Griffin were brought here, where they had their examining trials Wednesday. [1]


[November 29, 1907] -

Joe Mize and John Baker each fined $50 and cost for gaming.  Joe Mize and Ed Mullins each held under a $1000 bond on the charge of murder.  Joe Mize was also held on two separate charges of malicious shooting in the sum of $500 each, all of which bonds were promptly filled.  This is the result of the trouble between Joe Mize and Edd Mullins at Livingston last Saturday, in which Greely Mize, a brother of Joe, was accidently killed, and John Mounce and Ed Mullins slightly wounded.  Woolford Adams charged with the murder of Will Hayes, a son of J. H. Hayes, waived the right of examination and was held without bail to await the action of the grand jury.  Bullock the barber at Livingston was acquitted on the charge of running a gambling house, it being in his place of business that the trouble between Mize and Mullins took place and came over a crap game. [2]


[November 29, 1907] -

Joe Mize and Ed Mullins were held in $1,000 bond each for their participation in a fight at Livingston, when Greely Mize was killed and two others shot. [3]


[December 20, 1907] -

CIRCUIT COURT:--The present term of court fell short of being a busy one, and but little relief to he conjested condition of docket which for so long has existed in this county.  Since our last issue the following case were desposed of up to Wednesday when the court was finally adjourned. William Walker given four years in the pen for striking Edgar Mullins with brassknucks.  He was given an additional 4 1/2 years for false swearing making a total of eight and one half years.  Floyd Wells for falseswearing case dismissed, Mitchell Mullins for forgery dismissed; Ed Mullins charged with killing Greely Mize acquitted.  Joe Mize for malicious shooting in three cases continued; Woolford Adams, indicted for willful murder by the present grand jury, had his case continued until next term.  The fine of $10 each against Robt. Lemons, George Sambrooks, Harry Lee and John Johnson set aside. [4]


[January 7, 1908] -

At Livingston Sunday Dick Pike shot and killed Joe Mize, who three weeks ago shot his own brother to death at that place.  They were playing cards and were well filled with booze. Pike shot Mize five times and he died instantly.  He gave himself up to the authorities. [5]


See the next post for more on the killing of Joe Mize by Dick Pike...


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