March 30, 2014

Man Killed, Bystander Wounded in Drunken Fight, 1903



[April 8, 1903] -



SOMERSET, Ky., April 7.-- (Special.)-- A. M. Girdler, Coroner of Pulaski county, and County Attorney T. E. Wesley have returned from William's Siding, this county, where they held an inquest into the death of John King, who was shot and killed by Batie Heiton.

The killing was a fearful affair, and Joe Love, of this place, who was a bystander, was shot through the abdomen and is dying.  The trouble is thought to have been the climax of a former dispute between the men, and the evidence adduced at the inquest showed that the killing was about as follows:

King was standing in a crowd of several persons, when Heiton walked close to the crowd and began abusing King.  He drew his pistol, a .44 Smith & Wesson, loaded with Colts cartridges, and opened fire on King.  Two shots took effect in the back and passed almost through his body.  One shot struck Joe Love in the stomach and penetrated the intestines in several places.  Williams' Siding is a mining village in this county.

Heiton is still at large.


SOMERSET., KY. April 7.--(Associated Press). A report from Barren Fork, this county, states that while a crowd of men were in a saloon kept by William Siddings, near there, a free-for-all fight occurred. [1]


[April 10, 1903] -

Near Barren Fork, in Pulaski county, John King and John Love were killed in a fight with a man named Hyden, in a whisky joint. [2]


[April 10, 1903] -


SOMERSET, Ky., April 9.-- (Special.)  Batie Heiton, who killed John King at Williams' Siding several days ago, and who had been at large, is now in jail here, having surrendered to the sheriff.  His examining trial will probably be held tomorrow before Judge Cooper.  Heiton in shooting at King mortally wounded Joe Love, of this place, who was a bystander. [3]


[April 13, 1903] -



SOMERSET, Ky., April 12.--(Special.)--The examining trial of Beatty Hyden for the killing of John King, at Williams Siding, Saturday night, was held before County Judge Cooper, and the accused was exonerated from the charge, having established a case of self-defense.  The evidence adduced in the case showed that the killing was the direct result of a drunken row in which both men possessed deadly weapons and used same.  Hyden was represented by Bill Morrow, son of Judge T. Z. Morrow, Circuit Judge of this Judicial District.  Joe Love, the man who was mortally wounded by a stray shot, is still alive at the hospital here, but there is very little hope for his recovery. [4]


[April 14, 1903] - 

Beaty Hyden was exonerated at his examining trial for the killing of John King in Pulaski county.  A plea of self defense was sustained.  Joe Love, a bystander, who was hit by a stray bullet during the affray, is still alive but probably cannot recover.

A. T. Martin has opened a livery and feed stable in connection with the Candler Hotel.  Beatty Hyden, who killed Columbus King and badly wounded Joe Love in a fight at Williams Siding, surrendered to officers.  He claims he shot to save himself. -- Somerset Journal. [5]


[April 16, 1903] -

Batie Heiton Surrendered.

Somerset, Ky., April 10.-- Batie Heiton, who killed John King and mortally wounded Joe Love, of this place, at Williams' Siding, Sunday, has surrendered.  Love is still alive, but his recovery is doubtful. [6]


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