March 24, 2014

G. P. Aderholdt Kills Robert Munsey, Pulaski, 1900



[November 9, 1900] -

In a political row near Bronston, Pulaski county, G. P. Alderholt shot and killed Robert Munsey, whom he mistook for Green Flynn. [1]


[November 13, 1900] -

The grand jury of the Pulaski circuit court returned three indictments for murder against the following persons: G. P. Adderboldt, for the killing of Robert Munsey; William Sievers for the killing of Charles Tartar; Nancy Hunley and Phoebe King, for the killing of Epsey Sellers. [2]


G. P. Aderholdt (died 1918) and Robert Munsey (died November 5, 1900) are both buried in Alexander Chapel Cemetery in Pulaski County. [3]


[1] Excerpt from "In Neighboring Counties." Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. November 9, 1900. Page 3. LOC.

[2] Excerpt from "In Neighboring Counties." Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. November 13, 1900. Page 4. LOC.

[3] See links above.


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