April 11, 2014

James Matthews Kills Henry/Bud Allen, Pulaski, 1883



[April 27, 1883] -

The sheriff of Clinton county arrived here Tuesday evening, having under arrest James Matthews, charged with killing Bud Allen, at Barren Fork in this county last week. [1]


[April 27, 1883] -

James Matthews is in jail at Somerset, Ky., for the murder of Bud Allen, at Barren Fork. [2]


[June 1, 1883] -

James Matthews, charged with the murder of Bud Allen, was brought before Judge Tartar, Tuesday, for trial on a writ of habeas corpus to secure bail, but the trial was postponed until Wednesday, June 6. [3]


[June 8, 1883] -

The trial of James Matthews for killing Henry Allen, which was to have taken place Wednesday, was postponed until Saturday on account of absence of witnesses.  I understand that the evidence is not very strong against Matthews. [4]


[June 12, 1883] -

The trial of Mathews has been again postponed until next Saturday, because the witnesses were not here. [5]


[June 26, 1883] -

Sheriff J. H. Watson and deputy sheriff W. S. Shepperd, of Pulaski county, arrived here Saturday with Josh Logsden, James Matthews and Henry Coyle, the two first white men, and the latter a negro, all charged with murder.  The jail at Somerset is undergoing repairs and the prisoners were brought here for safe keeping. [6]


[July 21, 1883] -



(Special to the Courier-Journal.)

DANVILLE, July 20. -- Sheriff J. H. Watson and his Deputy, W. S. Shephard, of Pulaski county, left on the 1:10 P.M. train today for Somerset, having in charge the three murderers who have been confined in our jail while the Pulaski jail was undergoing repairs. The prisoners are two white men and one colored man. James Matthews, one of the white men, was found lying by the side of Henry Allen, on the railroad, below Somerset, one morning last winter. Allen was dead and Matthews severely wounded. Matthews is held for the murder of Allen. Josh Logsdon, the other white man, killed Jake Phillips in a fight, and is likely to have trouble when he gets into court. Henry Coyle, the colored man, killed another negro named Lewis Owens, at a dance last winter. Henry, it is said, stands a good show of swinging for his crime. [7]


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