April 9, 2014

Boy Kills Father With Shotgun, Pulaski, 1909



[July 30, 1909] -

Virgil Starns, aged 16 shot and instantly killed his father, James Starns, near Woodstock, Pulaski county last Saturday morning.  The father had corrected the boy for some mis-doing, which the poor wretch resented, by the life of his father.  The gallows is the only reward for such a low down being.  He and two negro tenants, who were thought to have helped move the body some distance from where the shooting occurred, are now in jail at Somerset. [1]


[August 10, 1909] -

Virgil Starns, who killed his father, James Starns, in the Woodstock section of Pulaski, was held without bail. [2]


[August 12, 1909] -

Danville, Ky.-- Virgil Starns, the 15-year-old boy who shot his father, Assessor J. W. Starns, to death in Pulaski county, was brought to Danville from Somerset for safekeeping.  The feeling against the youth is said to be very high. [3]


[August 18, 1909] -


Virgil Storms, Who Killed His Father in Pulaski, Taken to Danville.

(Special To The Herald.)

DANVILLE, Ky., Aug. 17.-- Virgil Storms of Pulaski county, was brought to Danville yesterday and lodged in the [j]ail f[o]r safe-keeping.  Virgil Storms is the fifteen-year-old boy who killed his father, Assessor J. W. Storms in Pulaski county several days ago.  Ecitement was running high on account of the crime of the young murderer and the authorities thought it best to remove him to a safer place of confinement.  The boy was enraged over a chastisement administered to him by his father and shot his father, killing him instantly. [4]


[February 23, 1910] -

SOMERSET, KY., Feb. 23. -- There are three celebrated murder cases which will come up in the Pulaski Circuit Court for trial this week, the first one being against Virgil Starns, a sixteen-year-old boy, who killed his father several months ago, blowing his heart out with a double barrel shot gun as he was entering the yard on his return from the barn, where he had gone to look after the stock. This trial will attract wide attention on account of the prominence of the family. [5]


[February 28, 1910] -


Virgil Starns Found Guilty By Jury In Pulaski County

(Special To The Herald.)

SOMERSET, Ky., Feb. 27.-- After being out for more than 24 hours the jury in the case of Virgil Starns, charged with killing his father brought in a verdict of guilty and fixed his punishment at two years in the State prison.  The case is not likely to be appealed.

Virgil Starns is 15 years old.  Last July he killed his father by shooting him, firing both barrels of a shotgun.  It was proven that one shell was especially loaded with large lead slugs.

J. W. Starns was approaching his home when his son shot him from the parlor window.  The defense alleged inhuman treatment by his father, of his son.  The defense was represented by O. H. Waddle & Son, and Morrow & Morrow.  The Commonwealth was represented by Judge M. L. Jarvis, Robert Waddle, and J. W. Colyer.  Night sessions of the court were held last week.  The case was given to the jury at noon Friday.

Saturday was taken up in court with the case of Frank Crabtree, charged with murdering and burning Andy Ramsey at a "blind jack" on the night of December 23. Crabtree pleaded that he was not able to employ an attorney and Judge Bethurum appointed V. P. Smith and James Denton to defend him.  Attorney Smith became ill Saturday morning and court adjourned until Monday.

Frank Perkins, charged with being an accomplice to the killing, will be given a separate trial.  The jury in the Crabtree case is C. S. Fisher, William Cope, George Phillips, G. W. Clark, W. P. Ford, W. R. Nunnelly, C. E. Cundiff, William Jackson, Chas. Jackobs, G. A. McGahan, L. J. Lynch, John C. Hicks. [6]


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