May 1, 2014

Man Kills Brother-in-Law Over Land Disagreement, Pulaski, 1910



[February 18, 1910] -

Jack McKinney, Wednesday shot and fatally wounded George Harper, from the effects of which Harper died yesterday morning at three o'clock.  Jack McKinney is a son of Mr. Dave McKinney and a brother-in-law of Harper, the man he killed.  Mr. David McKinney owns quite a boundary of land in the southern part of the county and Harper had been living on his father-in-law's, Mr. David McKinney, land and wanted to rent the land for another year, and over this the trouble started.  McKinney shot Harper four times with a 38 pistol, but as to further particulars we have been unable to learn, as the trouble occurred in Pulaski county and McKinney was arrested and taken to Somerset.  Both men were married and we understand Harper had several children. [1]


[February 22, 1910] -

Jack McKinney shot and killed his brother-in-law, George Harper, in the eastern part of Pulaski.  Harper was, so reports say, abusing McKinney's father, when Jack McKinney appeared on the scene, drew a revolver and shot Harper dead.  A grudge had existed between the men for a long time. [2]


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[2] Excerpt from "In Neighboring Counties." The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY. February 22, 1910. Page 1. LOC.


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