June 15, 2014

Man Arrested for Burglary Killed in Escape Attempt, Laurel, 1894



[May 1, 1894] -

Saturday about 2 o'clock Eb Moran, son and deputy under Sheriff James W. Moran, arrested a negro named John Ely at a depot on the charge of burglary.  He was assisted by Deputy Sheriff S. W. Warnack, and they took from him a pistol and gold ring that he had stolen from the house of George Bendel, two miles south of London.  On the way to jail the negro attempted to get away and ran three squares, when Moran fired at him, the ball striking him in the back, paralyzing him and from the effects of which the negro will die.  He was taken to the court-house and searched and on his person was found a razor, a large barlow and a gold watch that belonged to Geo. Bendel.  At the depot where he was arrested was also a side of meat taken from Bendel's house.  Mr. Bendel was out in a field at work and the man had broken in at a window.  No arrests. [1]


[May 1, 1894] -

Deputy Sheriff Eb Moren, of London, fatally shot a negro miner named John Ely whom he had arrested for stealing and who attempted to escape. [2]


[May 29, 1894] -

There were 71 indictments returned this court, of this number 19 were for concealed weapons and 14 for selling liquor.  Indictments for murder were made against Alex and Sim Tuttle, for killing young Williams; Pate Whitley, for killing a colored woman a few years ago; Wm. Stott, for killing John Collins at Lily; Robert Jackson, for killing Ed. Chestnut; Eb. Moran, Sam Warnack and C. Godsey, were indicted for manslaughter.  This was for shooting the negro, John Ely, who was trying to make his escape while under arrest.  Wm. Harkleroads, Jr., was indicted for manslaughter for shooting Bob Dees, about a year ago.  Sam Broughton, of near Hazel Patch, was indicted for incest.  The only murder that has been tried this court was against Pate Whitley and he was sent up for 16 years.  This is the only conviction.  Several visiting attorneys are present. [3] 


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