July 13, 2014

Man Kills Another Over Alleged Attempted Robbery, Rockcastle, 1890



[September 19, 1890] -


Bud Mize Shoots and Kills Big John Minks.

Special to The Interior Journal.

MT. VERNON, Sept. 18, 3 P. M.-- News reached here at noon that Big John Minks was shot and instantly killed by Bud Mize, this morning at 8 o'clock, on Big Trace Fork, 9 miles south of here.  The ball entered the right shoulder and came out in the middle of the back.  Minks had dodged to a stooping position.  There had been trouble between them heretofore.  J.M.  [1]


[September 24, 1890] -

At Mt. Vernon big Jim Mink was killed by Bud Mize.  Mize and some other men, it is alleged, had tried to rob Mink, and Mink had threatened to have Mize arrested.  Mink met Mize in the road and Mize shot him dead.  Mise escaped. [2]


[September 26, 1890] -

Bussell, the man who was with Mize when John Mink was murdered last week, has been arrested and jailed and his examining trial set for Thursday.  Mize has not been captured.  It is thought he has fled the country.  Relatives of Mink offer $100 reward for his arrest. [3]


[October 10, 1890] -

Bud Mize, who killed Big John Mink, surrendered to 'Squire Whitaker, of the Skaggs Creek district, Monday.  He was brought to town and trial set for Tuesday.  Case was continued to Friday and Mize incarcerated.  The case will be tried before Magistrate Brannaman. [4]


[October 17, 1890] -

Bud Mize was tried Monday for the murder of John Mink and held in the sum of $1,000, which has not yet been given. [5]


[March 13, 1891] -

Mize, for killing John Mink, was indicted and admitted to bail of $1,500. [6]


[May 19, 1891] -

Bud Mize, of Rockcastle, (who killed John Mink) was in attendance at our circuit court as a witness in the Ben Martin case. He succeeded in making the acquaintance of a young school miss who was boarding here, and from whom he obtained a promise of marriage. He had brass enough to ask her father for her, but the father, a respectable citizen, having learned his reputation and that he was already married, gave him a flat refusal and took his daughter home. He heard of it and threatened to have the girl of have blood, when the father had him arrested. He couldn't give bond and begged so hard that the sheriff gave him a guard, Mr. Vane Lovelace. Vane took him to his room with him and not expecting an attempt to escape was soon in the arms of Morpheus, but probably thought he was in the arms of Mize. Upon awaking our friend, Vane, found that Mize was gone with the shadows of night. He will probably not be a witness in Martin's case next court. [7]


[September 11, 1891] -

Circuit court began here Monday.  The largest crowd was in attendance than on any court day for years.  Several minor cases were disposed of the first day.  Tuesday the case of Bud Mize, for the killing John Mink, was taken up and trial has been in progress since.  A verdict will likely be reached some time today, Thursday.  Indications are that it will be a hung jury or an acquittal. [8]


[September 15, 1891] -

In the Rockcastle circuit court last week, W. H. Mize was given five years for killing Wm. Mink and in the case of Wallace Laswell for killing Granville Adams there was a hung jury.  Hon. R. C. Warren prosecuted in both these cases. [9]


[September 18, 1891] -

Mize, who was given four years at Mt. Vernon for killing Wm. Mink, makes a novel proposition for a new trial. He writes a letter to the judge asking for a new hearing, giving among other grounds that one man had agreed if he was put on the jury he would acquit him, but he had gone back on his word. [10]


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