September 8, 2014

Man Hanged for Unprovoked Murder of Barber, Pulaski, 1878



[March 8, 1878] -

NEGRO KILLED IN SOMERSET. -- A negro Barber was stabbed and instantly killed in Somerset on Wednesday night by John Parker, also a negro.  The only provocation for the deed was, we learn, that the barber said that he could handle any man in that county.  Parker told him to step out and try him.  He stepped out of the house and as he did so, Parker drove a knife into his heart. [1]


[April 5, 1878] -

TO BE HUNG. -- John Parker, the negro who, without provocation, killed George Franklin, the colored barber, at Somerset, about three weeks ago, an account of which we then gave, was tried last week and sentenced to be hung. [2]


[June 14, 1878] -

On Wednesday, at 1 o'clock, John Parker, who stabbed and killed Ben Franklin, another negro, was hanged at Somerset, in the presence of seven or eight thousand people, whose morbid curiosity led them to witness the fearful sight.  It has not been many months since the crime was committed, but the wheels of justice run fast when not impeded by cunning lawyers who get big fees to retard them.  The hanging of Parker was all right, but we want to see the hanging where the example will be worth something, in other words, we want to see some white desperado and murderer pull hemp, whose fate will so terrorize that class of cattle that they will be brought to a realization that there is some majesty in the laws of this State that even a desperado will have to respect. [3] 


[June 20, 1878] -

John W. Parker, colored, was hanged at Somerset, Ky., on the 12th, for the murder of George Franklin, also colored, in March last. []


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