May 18, 2011

1886 Earthquake felt in Macon, GA

This newspaper clipping comes from the Mount Vernon Signal in Rockcastle Co., KY, although it's about Macon, GA. The date of the paper is October 31, 1902.

Frank Pickle (from Vicar of Dibley) would have totally done this:

Mt Vernon Signal, October 31, 1902
 An old town official of the city of Macon, Ga., says in Short Stories that during the night of the earthquake disturbances of 1886 the City Council was in session.  When the quake shook the City Hall from Basement to attic the Councilmen run out, thinking the house would topple over.  Whereupon the wag who kept the minutes of the meeting, concluded his record with the following sentence:  "On motion of the City Hall, the Council adjourned."

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