January 10, 2012

Savannah's Colonial Park Cemetery

My boyfriend, sister and I traveled to Savannah last month, and one place we visited was Colonial Park Cemetery.  Located in Savannah's Historic District, the burial ground dates back to the 1820 Yellow Fever outbreak in the South....

 From the Baltimore Patriot on September 27, 1820:

Charleston, Sept. 19.
Yellow Fever! -- We sincerely regret to inform the Public that several cases of this dreadful disorder have appeared in our City.  Three interments have already been made, the subjects of which died of it, and there are two more persons now ill of the same disorder.-- These persons are all strangers to the climate.--Times.

Accounts from Savannah, represent that place to be in a dreadful situation, from the prevalence of Yellow Fever--200 persons left the City on the 15th inst.--from 12 to 15 die daily--19 persons were buried on the 14th inst. and it was supposed there were then from 2 to 300 lying sick.  It is said "from Tuesday afternoon, at 9 o'clock, till Wednesday morning, 8 o'clock (a space of 29 hours) 49 persons were taken sick, and (on Friday) many of them were silently reposing in the grave"--City Gaz.

Yellow Fever in Newbern--A gentleman from Newbern yesterday, (says the Washington, N.C. paper of the 8th inst.) brings the melancholy intelligence of this dreadful malady having been introduced into that place by a vessel from the West Indies.--Ib.

Charleston, Sept. 19th, 1820.
The Board of Health sincerely regret that they are compelled to announce to their fellow citizens, that YELLOW FEVER does exist within the city.-- Three deaths have occurred within the last few days, and there are three new cases reported.  The persons who have died were strangers to the climate as are those who are sick of the disease.  By order of the Board,

Most of the graves are no longer marked because the headstones have broken.  The broken markers have been placed upon a nearby wall...

Very cool cemetery, I highly recommend it if you like this sort of thing.  I hope one day we'll get to tour Bonaventure, but we didn't have the money to spend on that this time...

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