January 6, 2012

Some Georgia Newspapers That Folded in 1860

From the Macon Telegraph on December 11, 1860:


We regret to see that a fourth paper in Atlanta has fallen by the wayside.  In the Confederacy on Friday,w e find the following sad but plucky announcement:

The Daily Confederacy has failed to reach subscribers this week, for the reason, that such is the stringency of the times, that we were unable to go on.  We have succumbed to no cause but the iron-grasp of the Sheriff.  He, like Banquo's[?] ghost, has invaded our sanctum, and under the solemn voice of the law, has knocked us off to the highest bidder.  We never surrendered, but were taken to the point of fi. fas.-- We could not help it--we tried armistice and truce, but the Sheriff would not, and we quietly grounded arms.  We are now in a state of duress, and through the kindness of this official of Fulton county, are permitted to indite, in all probability, this last will and testament of the Confederacy's sentiments.  We can only bequeath our sentiments, as the goods are in other hands.

The Daily American, Daily Locomotive, Daily Confederacy and Weekly Champion, all Atlanta papers, have perished within the past fortnight.  This is bad luck, but the fact is there are a great deal too many papers in Georgia yet to be prosperous and efficient.

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